WebYoung – Aiden Ashley, Whitney Wright Not Her Type

Starring:Aiden Ashley Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright is used to having people lust for her. When her friend, Alexa Nova, tells her that her sister, Aiden Ashley , just came out as lesbian, Whitney is shocked. Her first thought is that Aiden will OBVIOUSLY be unable to resist her charms, which will just make things awkward since she’s not gay. However, Alexa bursts her bubble by letting Whitney know that there’s nothing to worry about — Aiden told her that Whitney’s not her type. Whitney’s unable to let this rejection go, her pride deeply wounded. Sure, having lesbian sex wasn’t at the top of her to-do list but she can’t STAND the thought of someone not wanting her. This is the sort of thing that will haunt her forever! So, after Alexa takes her leave, Whitney puts her plan into action. Her goal? To seduce Aiden! Whitney pulls out all the stops when she comes across Aiden preparing college applications in her bedroom. Even so, Aiden is clearly not interested, instead much more focused on her academic future. Whitney keeps pushing the envelope but even being completely naked in front of Aiden isn’t enough to turn the tide in her favor! Finally, she outright confronts Aiden on the rejection. Although Aiden is exasperated, she insists that Whitney’s beautiful but just a bit too dramatic for her. She then humors the pouty Whitney by saying that she’ll have sex with her just that she can be left in peace. Whitney is delighted, decidedly ignoring the fact that she really isn’t Aiden’s type after all. Whitney’s world is turned upside down when Aiden gives her her first mind-blowing lesbian sex. As they relish the taste of each other’s pussies, Aiden suspects that Whitney’s into girls a whole lot more than she’s willing to admit!

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