Sweet Sinner – Reagan Foxx Different Wives Different Lives

Starring:Reagan Foxx

Tommy Gunn & Reagan Foxx: Reagan confides in Tommy when she suspects that her husband, Marcus, is cheating on her with everyone at the office, including Tommy’s wife. They have a common bond in that both are looking for a way to escape their failed marriages, and their philandering spouses. Reagan helps Tommy pack up all of his things to leave and he puts her in touch with his divorce lawyer. They find strength in each other. But more than that, they see the life they want to lead, and the person they want to spend their life with. Before Tommy can walk away, Reagan summons the courage to kiss him. The two attack each other with the pent-up aggression of spouses whose sexually needs have been ignored for far too long. Tommy sucks on Reagan’s huge tits and teases her dripping pussy with his rock-hard cock until Reagan can’t take it anymore and shoves him inside her. With how vigorously they fuck, it’s hard to tell who enjoys, or needs, this more. The only question is if they will finish before Silvia comes home and discovers her best friend in bed with her husband.

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