PurgatoryX – Haley Reed, Kenzie Reeves Game Of Seduction Episode 3

Starring:Haley Reed Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie’s (Kenzie Reeves) and Haley’s (Haley Reed) ill fated plans to test their boyfriend’s loyalty backfired. The boys, both unaware of each other’s threesome with the girls, are still quite upset with the fact that they were setup. But, Kenzie and Haley come up with a sure-fire plan to make amends. They send individual texts inviting Donnie and Codey to meet them at a hotel. The boys are surprised to see each other and even more surprised when they enter the room. Kenzie and Haley are waiting for them, dressed in sexy lingerie. Donnie and Codey waste no time stripping out of their pants and likewise, the girls waste no time shoving cocks into their mouths. They know they need to be extra dirty so there’s plenty of spit as they loudly gag on dicks. Kenzie and Haley trade cocks for an extra thrill and when it comes time for fucking, Donnie and Codey swap girlfriends. The hot and horny foursome swap partners, back and forth. They suck and fuck all afternoon until Donnie and Codey drop their loads, covering their slutty girlfriend’s pussies with cum. Everyone is happy once again!

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