MyPervyFamily – Lexy Bandera – Dorm Room Connection with Brother

“My 1st semester of college has been harder than I thought it would be. Classes have been overwhelming, and being away from home and all my friends has been difficult. Plus… right before going off to college my high school sweetheart (who I lost my virginity to) broke up with me. But my brother and I have always been close, so him coming to visit me at my dorm room this past weekend….was very comforting. I had a great time showing him around campus, and I even took him the pep rally and home coming football game….where we definitely partied after the victory! After the game a few of us ended up at my dorm room, where we continued the victory celebration for a while. Around 3am everyone had left, and it was just me and my brother. By this time…I was pretty loose from all the celebrating, and was feeling a strong warm sensation towards my brother. I had slipped into my comfy PJ’s, but something told me that I wasn’t ready to go to… I have been quite horny lately, but I’m not the kind of girl that likes to with random guys…or have one night stands. I need to have a connection with a guy if I’m going to open my legs and let someone penetrate me. Just being with my brother, laughing and feeling so comfortable….my pussy was soaking wet. I knew this was the connection that I was looking for, and that I had to act on my urges! My pussy was craving to feel a nice strong thick cock to slide inside…and I needed it now! Watch as I proposition my brother by spreading my legs right in front of him, then pulling my PJ’s to the side so he can see how wet my open slit is for him. This excites my brother as he then takes control and fully bends me over, rips my PJ’s down (exposing my bare ass in the air) and buries his face deep into my cunt and asshole. Then he takes his thick rock hard throbbing cock and inserts deep into his sisters willing wet hole, fucking it hard until exploding his warm salty load all over his sister’s belly. She then uses his cum as a “”night cap”” which tastes better than any drink she had that night….”

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