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Starring:Shyla Jennings Gia Paige

Gia Paige opens the door to her best friend and sister-in-law, Shyla Jennings. Although Gia is always happy to see Shyla, she’s too bummed out today to be her usual chipper self. Shyla instantly senses that something’s not right and has a heart-to-heart with Gia. Although Gia’s a bit embarrassed, she eventually admits that she and her husband are having problems. Shyla jokes, saying that she warned Gia about marrying her brother, though Gia insists that it’s much more serious. It’s just that they’re not connecting like they used to… and they both seem to want different things in life now. While he’s content with the way things are, Gia’s not, and she thinks the only way out of it now is to have a divorce. Although Shyla’s disappointed, she just wants them both to be happy. Gia hesitates as she admits that she’s scared… not just of change but of losing Shyla! Divorces get messy — what if Shyla chooses her brother’s side? What if Gia loses Shyla forever?? Shyla assures Gia that she’s NOT going to lose her. They’ve been friends for so long, so Gia’s stuck with her for life now! Both women are flooded with relief as they come together in a hug, kissing each other’s cheeks. There is such a deep connection between them that seems as strong as ever, although there’s something new between them, too. Instead of pulling away, they share a tender kiss. It seems as though they’ve ALWAYS wanted to be more than best friends but that Shyla’s brother was in the way. Now that he’s soon out of the picture, though… well, there’s only one way to know if Gia and Shyla are truly meant to be. They strip down, sensually caressing each other’s bodies. As the heat builds, they revel in the taste of each other’s pussies, stopping at nothing to bring each other to an intense climax. It looks like Gia really IS stuck with Shyla for life!GirlsWay,Shyla Jennings – Gia Paige,free porn, hd porn, porn watch,sex Movies, xxx porn stream,free porn download,GirlsWay new, GirlsWay Free Porn,GirlsWay Hd porn video,GirlsWay sex video,GirlsWay 2019,

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