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Starring:Gia Paige Lena Paul Jade Baker

Jade Baker and Lena Paul are a young engaged couple planning their big day. Since they are starting to feel overwhelmed, they hire a professional wedding planner, Gia Paige, to help make everything runs smoothly. When Gia arrives, she sits the girls down to find out exactly what they both want. However, it quickly becomes obvious that SHE wants a little something, too, as she starts fooling around with both brides-to-be. Both Jade and Lena guiltily enjoy the attention from Gia without letting the other know. But what does it mean for their future if they so easily enjoy being touched or eaten out by another woman?? When it comes time for them to start writing their vows, Jade and Lena come clean, admitting that they cheated on each other. That’s when they learn that Gia was involved, which leads to confusion and anger. What’s WRONG with Gia?? And can they trust each other enough to move forward with their wedding?? Gia insists that the girls are overreacting… She was only fooling around to help them relax! Besides, if they turn this into a threesome, then they won’t have to call it cheating at all. Although Jade and Lena are still uncertain, the temptation to continue is too great. They HAVE talked about having a threesome before, so why not now? There’s no more sneaking around as all three ladies embrace each other. They can’t keep their hands to themselves as they strip down to taste each other’s pussies and feel each other up. Although the young couple was off to a rocky start, by the time they all collapse together in orgasmic bliss, Lena has some steamy ideas for the honeymoon!