FamilySinners – Paige Owens Step Daughters

Starring:Paige Owens

Tommy comes home after working the graveyard shift at the hospital. He is so exhausted that he barely strips out of his scrubs before passing out dead asleep in bed. Paige knows his routine. She has studied him. Since her mother is away at work, she decides to make her move. She quietly walks into his room, strips down at the foot of his bed, and crawls into bed with Tommy. She starts rubbing his cock through the sheets. At first he assumes this is his wife returning from work, but then he realizes it is someone much younger, and hotter: his step daughter. Paige straddles his hard cock to keep him from squirming away, and to wiggle her perky ass against his dick while she convinces him as to why they should fuck. Namely, she has already touched his dick. How much worse could it be if she put it in her mouth, and her pussy? Tommy doesn’t have the will power to argue with Paige’s logic, or her pussy. Tommy fucks her like a man half his age as he imagines this is what it’s like to fuck a younger, sexier version of his wife.